What is

Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is less of a skin type and more like a skin condition caused by various factors like skin disorders, allergies, or contact with irritants present in certain products. Symptoms include redness, itching, burning, dryness, stinging, and frequent breakouts. Hence, it’s very important to ONLY use products that are meant for sensitive skin.


Morning Routine.

01.  Gentle Cleanse

Wash your face with a gentle foam cleanser. Ideally, all of your products should be fragrance-free, and you should avoid Glycolics and harsh scrubs.
Our Pomegranate Face Wash will be your absolute favorite!


02.  Calming Clean


Sweeping toner over your skin might seem like a superfluous step, but it’s well worth the few extra seconds of effort. Toners are often overlooked in skin-care routines but can actually offer a wide range of benefits, including balancing the skin’s pH levels post-cleansing, soothing the skin and removing any lingering bits of residue or dirt. Sensitive skin types can benefit from using a toner but should steer clear of those formulated with alcohol or astringents. Reach for one that’s mild with calming ingredients.

​03.  Mellow Moisturizer

Sensitive skin is often lacking in hydration (which leads to that tight, sore feeling) so it’s important to keep it well moisturized to make it feel comfortable throughout the day. Hydrate with a moisturizer infused with calming ingredients, like shea butter, aloe, green tea, squalane, or white tea, which also boost your skin’s natural barrier to irritants as well.


Nightly Routine.

01.  Keep it Simple

Wash your face and moisturize with your morning products. It’s important not to introduce too many different ingredients in your routine.

02.  Build Strength

After cleansing, best to gently swipe your face with the Aloe & Witch Hazel Toner to gently hydrate. Dab on a little White Tea & Shea Moisturizer around your eyes. Consider a calming serum every other night, if it's introduced to your routine slowly it can actually strengthen your skin and prevent irritation. (Soon to launch our new Serum!)

03.  Healing  Touch

Also helpful to soothe inflammation— a cold, wet washcloth, a spray bottle filled with ice water, you can even keep your moisturizer in the fridge.

honey almond.jpg
honey almond.jpg

* Weekly Bonus


Every week or so apply the Dead Sea Mud Mask for approx. 15 to 60 minutes. Urban Eden’s Dead Sea Mud Mask is truly phenomenal to draw out impurities, feed your skin with nutrients, tighten pores and help balance pH. Wonderful ingredients that promote blood flow and help to liven up your skin!

Ideal to use the Honey Almond Scrub before the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Exfoliating the skin is like picking up the clutter before sweeping the room! You are sloughing off the dead cells, allowing the skin to be more receptive to the wonderful healing qualities of the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Honey is naturally antiviral, anti bacterial helping keep the breakouts at bay.

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