What is 

Oily Skin?


Oily skin is shiny skin, especially in the T-zone. You may have enlarged pores and may be prone to blackheads and breakouts due to the overproduction of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands.


Morning Routine.

01.  Start Fresh

You’ll need a cleanser that can cut through the oil your skin produced overnight, so a wash with the Citrus & Apple Cleanser to balance and cleanse your skin. Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C astringent oils and citric acids that work great for oily skin by decreasing oil secretion and killing any acne-causing bacteria present on the skin.


02.  Treat Yourself


After cleansing, best to gently swipe your face with the Aloe & Witch Hazel Toner to gently hydrate. Dab on a little White Tea & Shea Moisturizer around your eyes. If you’re feeling extra oily, pat on a little Daily Balancing Serum (avoiding the eye area) to help create proper pH and to prevent excess oil from clogging your pores, keeping you grime free. Alternate, or stretch out the days of the Daily Balance use if you’re getting a bit too dry. Or, use Daily Balance at night after cleansing/toner/moisturizer.

​03.  Lock in Hydration

Always use moisturizer around your eyes and on your neck. The best time to apply a moisturizer is while the skin is still damp,  to lock in hydration with your moisturizer. Daily Balance can be used under the White tea & Shea Moisturizer at night if you’re just slightly oily.

What’s wonderful about the ingredients in Urban Eden Organics, is they are loaded with natural moisturizing factors that work in unison with your skin, like squalane. Identical to the form of squalane that is found naturally in the skin, it both moisturizes and prevents water loss from the surface of the skin, without a greasy feel!


Nightly Routine.


01.  Double Cleanse (only if wearing makeup)


Our makeup-removing Pomegranate Foam Cleanser leaves skin feeling freshly hydrated without harsh irritants or synthetic sensitizers. Gentle enough to be used around the eye area, it quickly removes layers of makeup and grime.

1.5  Wash Away the Day

Wash away the dirt of the day with our Citrus & Apple Cleanser formulated for oily skin. Using the same cleanser morning and night is more than okay, it’s great!

02.  Tone it Down


After cleansing, gently sweep the Aloe & Witch hazel Toner all over your face and neck with a cotton pad. Urban Eden’s alcohol-free, skin-balancing toner to help banish residue, combat breakouts, and regulate oily skin. Sound like a lot to ask for right? Wrong! Aloe + Witch Hazel is an antioxidant powerhouse that will remove excess oil, lift trapped dirt, and dissolve makeup residue from your pores WITHOUT dehydrating your skin. [insert dramatic gasp here] :)

03.  Build Strength

Consider a calming serum every other night, if it's introduced to your routine slowly it can actually strengthen your skin and prevent irritation.

​04.  Beauty Sleep


If you’re feeling extra oily, or wanting further exfoliation, after cleansing, use the White Tea & Shea Moisturizer around your eyes & neck, and then prep your skin with our Daily Balance serum, then put your hard-earned beauty sleep to good use by applying a super-hydrating moisturizer before getting some shut-eye. 

Your skin is in its peak state of repair and rebuilding at night, with the majority of cell turnover and regeneration occurring when your body is in REM sleep. Hydrating products and ingredients can actually help that process along. Plus, skin hydration levels decline at night, making your nighttime moisturizer a critical step towards flawless skin.


* Weekly Bonus


Every week or so apply the Dead Sea Mud Mask for approx. 15 to 60 minutes. Urban Eden’s Dead Sea Mud Mask is truly phenomenal to draw out impurities, feed your skin with nutrients, tighten pores and help balance pH. Wonderful ingredients that promote blood flow and help to liven up your skin!

Ideal to use the Mint Scrub before the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Exfoliating the skin is like picking up the clutter before sweeping the room! You are sloughing off the dead cells, allowing the skin to be more receptive to the wonderful healing qualities of the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Pure peppermint oil is naturally antiviral, anti bacterial helping keep the breakouts at bay.