Understand Your Skin.

Love Your Skin.

Finding out your particular skin type matters—because every product you use on your face should be tailored to the type of skin you have.  So before you pick your products, we thought you might like to gather some data.

Read real skin care advice, created and curated by our experts to help you discover the best routine for  your skin type. The link below your skin type will guide you to a skin care ritual made to keep YOUR skin healthy and hydrated!


Those who’ve enjoyed a long life, fair skin, delicate skin. Or, more extreme redness, bumps, scaling, itching, and burning—the hallmarks of sensitive and reactive skin. It’s usually triggered by contact allergies or an underlying symptom of something else—rosacea. Does your skin turn red in response to environmental triggers, like stress, the sun, caffeine, hot beverages, spicy food, or alcohol?

Your skin may be sensitive.

If you happen to be the rare human who uses their cell phone to—gasp—talk, then examine the screen after you hang up. Do you see a greasy film? Then congratulations! You have oily skin. Another way to tell whether you have oily skin is if your skin gets progressively shinier or greasier as the day wears on. And your pores will look bigger too, oh joy....


Tightness? Flaking? Hello and welcome to dry skin. It just feels uncomfortable…all of the time. The key to figuring out if you have dry skin has to do with how it feels in the morning. If you wake up with flaking or tautness, and you tend to feel like you need thicker creams to keep your skin feeling normal, you probably belong right here.


Your T-zone is usually the oily area, and the circumference of your face and cheeks are usually drier. To make this even more complicated, when your cheeks naturally get drier in the winter and you reach for a thicker cream to help them out, your T-zone becomes extra oily and greasy. The reverse happens in the summer—when you dial down your moisturizers for a T-zone that’s less slick, the rest of your face gets dehydrated.


Already know what works for you?

Your Skin.  Your Confidence.  Our Bliss.

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